I'm very happy you have come to my photography website. While you are here I hope you enjoy my images as much as I do taking them. I have been known to sit in the middle of a field for hours waiting for a Short-eared owl to show up, on the river before morning light hoping to spend the day with the eagles. I also enjoy travel to Canada, Idaho and Montana for Grizzly bears, Moose and Wolves, although the wolves have been a little hard for me to capture.
I have won a few photo contest and a few images have been published.  I also like to donate images to local fundraisers and enjoy several shows as well.
I was born and raised here in the Skagit Valley, in Washington state. I am trying to be a balanced photographer, meaning I believe humans and wildlife can co-exist without extreme government intervention. I appreciate the roads that I can travel to look for wildlife that wouldn't have been there without logging. I enjoy sitting in the fields with the duck hunters in the next field over, it always means that the eagles will be coming in to steal a fallen duck before the duck dog gets to it. I love the fact that we have some protected forests and farmlands in our valley. All things in balance is good for nature